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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Opinions please

I've posted this dress before and now I have another version of it without the piping but strips instead. It would be one less step and the both look great. Which version do you think is better?

Here is the bodice detail. No piping to the left piping to the right. I should stick to taking pictures outside. Well I can't all the time because I live in the rain State!
 I think I may have enough of this fabric to make one more. Maybe. I threw a tissy fit with one of the bodices from the three and had to redo it. Temper temper!


  1. Wow I Love the fabric! so pretty. And i'm a sucker for piping but they both look fantastic :-) Very well made!

  2. I prefer the one without the piping. However, both are equally gorgeous! Your garments are so beautiful.