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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A New Craft Pattern Mouse Pot Holder

I don't post many crafty stuff here but I do enjoy dabbling with crafts. I have been stashing some fabrics for a quilt I want to make some day. I've never made one. I admire the quilt makers out there, it seems so tedious with all those squares.

I love mice and thought it would be cute to do a little mouse pot holder. I used an old Joanne's paper for the pattern. For the tail/handle I just cut a strip. As you can tell I changed my mind with the size of the body, nothing a little tape won't put back together.
 I wanted kind of a shabby chic to it so I have button eyes and nose. No whiskers because I was afraid something thin and dangling could catch fire. Two of my brothers laughed at the idea because who wants a mouse in the kitchen. I also have a plan to do a hen and....oh you will just have to wait.
 It is super cute but not functional as a pot holder. I used quilting batting but when I tested it at 350 degrees I felt the heat. It didn't burn me but if I'm going to sell these in the future they need to be made right. I'm going to buy the heat resistant batting and do another. They have it right here at fabric.com. This one is going to my mom as a decoration piece. The nice thing about this little project is I was able to use two fabric squares to complete the project!

I seriously think I will be cutting back on my dress making when I catch up so I have some time to do things for myself.

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