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Monday, May 16, 2011

The gray with halter

Okay I'm sold on this version. Almost done, skirt lining, zipper, hem and a good ironing. I love the halter straps on the dress though. I added a pleat not sure if you can see that clear in the pictures. We'll see how the spaghetti straps look next.
Although the dress has halter straps I still treated it as a strapless dress. Fully lined, underlined and boned. When these dresses are done...I just may give them a hug. I really do like them!

I will be posting a small how to on the zippers, which I hate and it is extra hard when you have line up so many sections in the back. One of my customers told me she was inspired by my work and went out a purchased a sewing machine. She sends me pictures of her projects. She is truly gifted and will be surpassing me in no time :) She struggled with her first zipper. Hopefully the way I do them will make it easier for her.

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