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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The end of bridesmaid dresses

They are boxed and being picked up tomorrow. I have 5 more of these to go but they are at a later date. Fun fabric for those. Here is the Coal and the Green. I should of ironed before taking the pictures. I iron so much then box them up just to arrive wrinkled.
The green in person is not so bright it is actually a forest green. It is Kaufman Ultra Sateen and simply stunning. I had to buy a bolt of it. Lucky for me I can use it for my Green dress with bolero.

Had some fabric woes. I received my order from fabric.com and was missing 3 yards of Black Duchess satin! I e-mail them and they are now out of stock. I've been having some problems with them. It is because they are under staffed right now. That is too bad for me and them. I ended up getting the satin from Vogue fabrics. I may have to find another source. I run too tight of a schedule to mess around with fabrics.


  1. Simply Beautiful! and I absolutely love the new mascot! How cute is Sahara? About as cute as my Bebop...but just FYI he is almost 2 and still addicted to his binky!

  2. Thank you Team Burton. She is a little doll. They can be just like kids!