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Monday, June 6, 2011

Wow my first negative Etsy needs to fix the feedback system

That purple dress just doesn't want to go away. She contacted me again after I offered her a full refund. You can read the details here.

She wanted the sash still at no cost. Yes my bad on the wrong color but I refunded her 25% of the dress because she said she loved the dress and didn't want the full refund. Figured that squared things up. Guess not. I received my first and probably won't be my last negative feedback.

Etsy really needs to fix the feedback system or get rid of it all together. My buyer has 86% feedback but I have no way of knowing what it is for because you cannot see a buyers feedback only the sellers. It is very one sided and unfair to Etsy sellers.

I'm waiting for a kiss & make up which allows the users to change the feedback. I can see her saying do this and that and I will remove the negative. I don't think so lol I would rather a red mark on my feedback than to deal with her anymore.

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