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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vogue 2903

I'm currently working on Vogue 2903. What I thought would be a total breeze isn't. I just don't like the finishing they call for.

The fabric my customer picked out isn't ideal for it either. I'm going to add a sash for her to break it up. The flowers did were impossible to line up not like plaids. This is it just hanging on the form. The back hasn't been stitched. I don't understand why they don't call to see the yoke better. I will either slip stitch or top stitch the yoke for more security.
As of today it is almost done. Just have to put the zipper in, hem and fix the yoke. The pattern called for the zipper to be in the center of the back. I'm making it go all the way up. I find it is a pain to zip up dresses that are like that.

Good news all the bridesmaid dresses last month were a huge hit! They loved them. So happy! I hope they share some pictures.


  1. I really like the fabric but I can see how it would be a pain to try and match up.

  2. Thanks sorbetsuprise

    Just need to get the sash and petticoat done. It looks so much being completely sewn. I will post the final dress soon!

  3. Hmm that would be hard lining that up! A sash would be nice to break up all the hubbub of that floral. I'm excited to see the final dress! :)