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Sunday, June 26, 2011

After three years of making wedding gowns I ruined a wedding

I'm embarrassed to even post this. I don't know what I did or what I was thinking but I basically made a design backwards. This dress I was so proud of. Well that low back should of been a low front and the high front should of been a high back. Dyslexia perhaps? What do you say to this but you're terribly sorry and whatever they want they can have. A new dress? A full refund, plus keep the petticoat and sash. She graciously is allowing me to make her another dress. Here is my progress.

If all goes well I maybe able to ship this tomorrow. Tuesday at the latest. I sent her pictures to ease her mind. It had to have been devastating to open up my dress. She took in to see if it could get fixed they wanted to add 9 inches of fabric. Sorry the dress it not fixable it was made completely wrong. Not sure what they were planning to do? Panels on the back? That would of been really lovely. Maybe some color blocking. lol Sorry but it is a wedding dress and it is one thing to have panels on the side where they aren't going really be seen but not the back of the dress.


  1. Oh! so sorry to hear that.......

  2. It may be a disaster as a wedding dress for your client, but it is still a beautiful dress. Disasters happen, and I was the cause of a prom disaster. So, I feel for you and know the next wedding dress you make your client will be even more spectacular. That bow is actually quite attractive!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that learningnewtricks. I've competed the new dress and will be taking some pictures soon. It is has a lot more fluff!