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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two more dresses to share

In case you don't follow Sew Retro here is my vintage reproduction. This was a real joy to make! I'm kind of lazy so if you want to see the comparison shots and or more views of the dress visit my post at Sew Retro.
Here is the completed V2903. It looks so much better now that it is complete. Looks better in person and hopefully even more better on a person.
Remember my last post when I said the 7 bridesmaid dresses were a huge hit. Well they were but turns out one did not fit. A learning curve for me. For now on ask for a cup size. Patterns default to a "B" cup. I love that a lot of the newer ones have all cup sizes included. The dress fit perfect except in the bust.

The girl is close to my size and so I tried it on and it is slightly big for me for a strapless. So I had to contact her and ask her cup size. You see that 34" bust was perfect if you are have "A" cup or "B" cup but a "D" cup heck no lol. I can't fix the existing dress so I am making her a new one. I'm not upset about it because I love the dress and now I will have one for myself!

I'm going to put the halter straps on it instead of removable spaghetti straps. This customer has been so easy to work with and I want her day to be perfect. I received the dress on Saturday and will be shipping the new one tomorrow. I can't believe how fast I got it done. It would of been done today but I didn't have a gray zipper in stock. So all that will be left is the zipper, hems and tacking.


  1. Ah that's interesting! I didn't know they default to a B cup.

    I'm glad this customer has been easier to work with!!! And the dresses are rad! :)

  2. Thanks Cindy. Attitude makes such a difference I think on both sides.

    When I see smaller measurements I assume a bit and now I know not to assume. It is just awkward to ask for someone's cup size. Seems a little to personal.