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Friday, June 11, 2010

Ribbons Zippers and Time Oh My

Well had some good luck. Found a matching zipper but it isn't invisible. It isn't that important because the way I put the zipper in you are not going to see it anyways. I also found some ribbon. I will post pictures when it is on the dress.

I've put the zipper in, attached the godets all that is left is the hems and a little hand sewing. I don't want machine stitches on the ribbon and I'm going to hand sew the sleeve to the sleeve lining. Lucky for me Monday is ok to ship. I could of made it but I'd rather take my time when it comes to hand sewing. Here is a picture of the zipper. See how it is attached to the liner. I hand basted it prior to sewing. I want to try some double sided tape. If anyone has used it for zippers please post a comment and give me some input. It was a little tough and I had to be careful to sew straight on the flap side but it worked as planned!

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