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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Can anyone say Pilgrim? Some 40's dress!

I'm working on my newest 40's reproduction and sometimes I just have to laugh at myself. Check out the Pilgrim collar I made. I think at least two inches is going to have to be taken off that mighty collar. The second pictured is pinned to the dress from and tucked in a bit. At least I got the shape right. Better to be too big than too small. It is pictured on the lining not the dress fabric. I'm using a light weight suiting. My client lives in Florida and didn't want it too warm.
She also wanted some changes to the original picture. The sleeves she says she has bigger biceps so I may just make an elastic casing with the blue contrast. That way she will have some flex. Hard to see the sleeves with that massive collar lol

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