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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

40's Dress Continued

Ok so I totally love what I did yesterday but looking closer at the placement of the ribbon there is no way that my bustline will work for this dress. All is good though because that is the bustline I want for my own version. Yes I love this dress so much I will making myself one. I'm thinking I'm only going to have the bow under the bustline for my version.  I could make a belt loop at the waistline if I decide to have two ribbons. Mine isn't important right now my customer's is and I need to stop thinking about different designs and make the design as closely as pictured as possible.

Today I lengthened the bodice using the same pattern I already created. I added 4.5" inches to the bottom so the seam will be at the natural waistline instead of the empire. I will have to adjust the skirt for the lengthened bodice.

I have the dress basically assembled. Here are some pictures of it pinned to the form. It is hard to see the pleats in the back because honestly I don't take good pictures. For the bottom of the skirt I think I'm going to place a small godet not positive yet I will wait until the dress is completely sewn before I decide if I want a fold over slit or the godet.

It sure is pretty so far.

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