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Monday, June 7, 2010

Start on 40's Dress

In case you missed the intro on this you can click here to see the 40's dress I will be reproducing. Using silk on this dress there is no way I'm going to use that fabric for my pattern. I'm used a muslin to make my pattern. Here is the front and back. I think I may make the scallops a little rounder when I actualy cut the fabric but the pattern is good enough to start with.

For the back I've extended one side for the lap that I see in the picture. I got the pleats down pretty well. Just to be on the safe side though I'm going to sew the lining first. One for fit and two to make sure it is going to lay out as I think it should. I will hopefully post the lining later today. I'm cutting the skirt part now. I feel safe doing this since it is just a straight skirt. Plus it is a lot of cutting. The lining, the lace the fabric. By the time it is all said and done I've cut three dresses.

The original dress again.
I have most of it cut now. I decided to make the right back a little longer to be sure to get that fold right. Better to be too long than too short. Need room for both fold and the pleat. I used the muslin pattern piece I made on the lace then layered the silk and lining and cut them using the lace piece just because it was the closest in reach. I prefer to use fabric for patterns because it will stick better to the fabric you are cutting.
For the sleeves I'm going to let the lace do it's work for the scalloped edges.
I have most of the lining assembled. It is just pinned on the dress form but the skirt and bodice are sewn. Skirt still needs to be serged. I'm going to put it aside now and start working on the actual dress. I'm sure glad I made the right side a little larger then my first pattern. It is looking real good and I'm confident enough to actually sew the dress. First though I have to attach the lace to each piece. Lots of stitching to do. I hope to have all the lace sewn by the end of the night. Not too bad for a days work!
Here is the front of the lining. The ribbon is going to really look good at the bust line.

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  1. Love it already. Beautiful! I might ask for this myself LOL don't lose that design!