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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bows and Sales

Honestly I didn't much on the dress today but attach the bodice to the lining and made the bow. I'm going to sew it to the center of the collar even though inspiration picture is off a bit. I pinned it like pictured but I think if I got something crooked I would be why was it sewn like that.

I took the day and went to some sales with my future mother in-law. I got a whole shoebox full of vintage zippers for FREE!!! I also got my mom this little Vintage Avon Rooster hand moisturizing container. It still has some lotion in it and it doesn't even stink. Weird how it doesn't after all these years. I paid 50 cents and see it online going for $10.00 to over $20.00! I got some fabric remnants for my sister and also you can see in the picture a cake dish that is a swan. It was made in 1988 and I can't wait to bake a cake with it.

Look at the middle of my goodies of zippers and stuff. Have you ever seen packaging for zippers in a plastic container like this? It is the original container Coats & Clarks. Pretty neat. I think I will keep that one around and not use it. I love to add a little vintage to my vintage inspired dresses with vintage zippers.

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