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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Slow disappointing day with 40s dress

So I lost a couple of hours on the dress yesterday because my serger decided it needed a new blade. That's ok because I've been putting a lot of use in the old girl.

Today I was on the quest to find the perfect ribbon. I've been to four different places now and even looked online though it is too late to order online and have not been able to find any dusty rose or dark pink ribbon. I may just have to use something else. I think it is more important for it to match then to have a satin ribbon. I may just make my own if I have enough silk left.

I'm almost done but am at a stand still until I find the ribbon. Here is the completed liner.
I initially planned on gathering the bodice but it didn't look right when I laid some NOT dusty rose ribbon to the bustline and waist. So I took out the gathers of the dress and made darts instead so it laid flat. Here it is pinned to form. The liner is attached to the dress and it is basically complete except the zipper, hem and adding the godets.

Again my horrible photography and lighting does not show the detail of the back. The overlap is going to a pain when it comes to zipper time. I think I have a good idea how I'm going to make it look as seamless as possible.

I decided to try the godets. I want the scallop edges of the lace so I need to sew it above where the hem will be so it lines up. A godet is just a triangle shape. Add some at the top for the seam allowance. Leave an opening to the skirt where you are going to attach the godet and sew each side.

Notice that the dress and the liner are not sewn? That is because when I do the zipper I'm going to attach the zipper to the liner and the dress. The zipper will not be seen from the inside or out except for the tab to zip up the dress. This makes for a very nice finish and you won't have the zipper scratching your back. My other problem is I want to use an invisible zipper but the colors are not as available as your standard zippers. I'm going to try one more place tomorrow but I will have to just make due with what I have if I don't find exactly what I need. This needs to ship tomorrow!

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