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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bride has to leave in style

My newest custom order is for a new bride to slip out of her wedding dress. She selected a cute little cotton sundress, white of course. I have the dress part done but, being white we don't want the bride running off to her honeymoon showing off all her glory so I selected a real nice posh beige liner. Stay tuned and you will see the difference from the red you can see through on my dressform. She will not have to wear a slip with the lining I selected.

The first pictue is the dress fully assembled ready to attach the liner...maybe I should go now and sew the liner which is basically sewing another dress.

I finished except one final press. Though I'm sure it won't looked very pressed after it has been shipped. Here is the side by side of the dress without the beige liner and the completed dress with the liner. Pretty amazing. A white liner would of helped but it still would of shown through some.
Here is what the dress looks like on the inside. Hard to tell which side is which. I didn't use the liner on the sleeves as I wanted the sleeves to be more durable. I could of lined the whole dress with the fabric but then it wouldn't be much of a sundress and it would of been heavy.
Well time to start cutting my 40's lace dress!

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  1. Fantastic dress! The material is really great and what quick turn around for a custom dress! Really love it. Thank you!

    Right from my customer! I couldn't be more pleased!