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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Audrey Style Dress with Flare

I have finally completed  the mock dress. I modified the bodice per customer request to be higher than the waistline. It isn't an empire waist but it slightly higher than the natural waist line. This will look good with the tulle skirt. I had to cut a lot off my original skirt design for this bodice. Since it is just for fittings it isn't that important. If we kept the original design then it would of been very important to make sure there was enough poof with a petticoat. It is still a very full skirt and if she likes it she could totally wear it as I used a cotton fabric instead of muslin I began with. I wonder if 5 bodices had anything to do with that :)

Here it is. Now imagine it with a beautiful bridal fabric and the tulle skirt as pictured next to it. This is going to be some dress. I won't be completing the final dress until July of 2011 closer to her wedding day. Just in case measurements change.

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