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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Snow White Progress

I got a lot done today and part of yesterday. It is the little things that take all the time. I made my piping and attached it to the bodice. I left enough room to use it for a casing for the boning. Worked out real well.

I used my bodice pieces for guides to cut the cording. I then cut strips of the same blue fabric I used for the sleeves. I glued the ends of the cording so they would not fray.

I used a zipper foot to sew the piping straight and close. The bodice needs to be cut to size still on the side seams but I went ahead and put the piping on and will cut when I'm ready to attach it to the liner.

For the sleeves every strip needed to be sewn, serged turned  right side out and pressed. It was tough doing the sleeves. I started from the bottom up. I did not want the blue strips to gathered so I gathered the lower sleeve and pinned it to the arm band. I then turned it right side out and visually placed the strips. I did the same for the upper part of the sleeves. I also had to leave a little room for the poof and arm movement. They turned  out well. The arm bands won't be finished until I attach the lining. I hand sew the sleeves for a seamless finish.
My downfalls have been I cut the skirt incorrectly! I have been so busy studying the bodice that I honestly I didn't pay much attention to the skirt. I knew it was a long skirt and I cut a floor length skirt. When I looked at other pictures of  Disneyland's Snow White it is a long FULL skirt. So I wasted some silk and had to buy more. OUCH! Hopefully it won't be a total waste. I plan on finishing it and add a top to list on my Etsy site. I will post it here later.
My next downfall was I busted my serger's needle plate! That cost me time and money! $45.00! Lucky for me there is a sew & vac kind of close. Unlucky for me I could of gotten it on Ebay for $15.00 if I didn't need it right away.
I wanted to ship this by Friday but with the skirt mess up I have to wait for the new fabric. Tomorrow night's posting should have a completed bodice with collar! I've cut the collar but haven't worked out exactly how I'm going to attach it so it stands up correctly. I have an idea but will have to wait to see if it works like I think it should.

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