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Friday, July 16, 2010

Next order a flowy halter dress

This one should be fun. Here is her request:

-A classy (not cutesy) dress that can be worn to an upcoming summer wedding and for years to come.

-Strapless with a removable halter that doesn't look removable. I used to have a dress with a halter strap that buttoned on and off and I loved how it was wearable two different ways.

-A really fun full skirt with a lining layer underneath- this is definitely the part that I want the most!

-I'm not sure what kind of neckline- possibly a sweetheart? Something tasteful that doesn't make it look like the girls are strapped in and suffocated or add more volume to an area that doesn't need any extra.

-I have to be able to fit a bra (strapless or halter, I have several interchangeable kinds) underneath without it being horribly obvious.
Here are the inspiration photos:
I like them both but this is not a replication. She sent me a sketch too but I'm not going to post her sketch without her permission.

Here is the fabric she picked out. She wanted light weight and breezy and this is! It is a voile fabric. Because voile is thin I will be lining the entire dress. It has a neat boarder which I'm going to keep at the bottom of the skirt and use the beige for the bodice. I will also use the boarder for a sash. I haven't decided the bust line yet. I like the looks of the beige one but not sure if it would be a good option for going strapless. I could bone the top of it for support or maybe at the side seams. hmmm.... I think I need some cookie dough ice cream to help me decide.

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