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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go

I have a two rush orders but my fabric did not come in yet so I started to cut the Snow White costume. I have the cape cut. Hopefully I will be able to put some pictures up later today. I have the sleeves cut. I cut 6 blue contrast pieces per sleeve at 3 inches wide 12 inches long. Yup better too long than too short. Plus it is a lot easier to cut to size then to measure.  As you can see there isn't much that will need to be cut. Unlike my Pilgrim collar.

Keep in mind these are just pinned not sewn, pressed or aligned perfectly. You get the idea though of how it is going to look. Just look at that red silk glimmering at you!
Hmmm....only five well I cut six :)

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