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Friday, July 2, 2010

What a day of discouragement

I just had an order cancelled. After nick picking and criticizing this outfit to death she decided she didn't want one.  I hope the lady I shipped it to doesn't feel the same about it! She said that there is no seam down the middle of the original. I see a seam and the collar well it isn't attached it is an extension of the back panel and she seems to think that the collar hits at the shoulder seam. Does she not see that the mannequin has her arms back? I've never seen a collar like that, but her Aunt who is seamstress had the same concerns. I think my mom is right, her Aunt probably told her she could make it for her for cheaper and she was looking for excuses to cancel the sale.

It is tough making reproductions. You don't have a pattern, you can't totally steal the design due to copy right laws. Maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself but I'm going to venture off to new things and stick to making clothes for myself and family.

I don't know how the outfit went from superb to I don't want it! Oh well at least I only purchased the lace and she will reimburse me for any charges for that.

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