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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stress & Regrets

I think it is because of my cancelled order that I'm stressing so much on the 50's lace dress I sent out. She will be getting it gulp Tuesday. I'm already going to make her a new petticoat since that one isn't full enough but now looking at my store bought rose and compared it to the one I just made.

This is awful! I guess I will send her the one I made with the new petticoat because it is so much better. Plus it is made with the same shantung fabric. It didn't look bad at first. Like I said I think I'm just nick picking myself.  Judge for yourself.

Recreating or making made to size orders is so hard. You make it, you measure it over and over again then you have to wait until they get it. That is the worst part waiting! Will they like? Will it fit? Is it what they expected? YIKES!!!

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  1. I don't know how you do it - I made tops for my mom, sister, SIL, and niece and worried about the fit and would they like it, etc. the whole time. And they're about the same size as me so I could try it on myself as I was going - I can't imagine sewing from someone's measurements and they're not there for a fitting!