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Friday, July 23, 2010

Halter Dress Complete

This dress was so much fun to create! I loved her idea of the removable halter straps, but had to do a little more than that :)

First Voile is rather thin so for the bodice I not only did a liner but an underlining as well with muslin fabric. The muslin is thicker than the the voile.

I put the boning on the underlining instead of the lining. You can see how I put the casing together below and what it looks like completed on the dress form.
For the dress I wanted to incorporate as much of the border trim great colors to the dress itself. I intially was going to just have a beige bodice but it seem so dull. POW you have color at the bottom then your eyes go up and blah. So I used some of this fabulous color for the straps and the little collar. The straps button to the bodice. 

This isn't enough. The mid section looks boring so I created this functional sash that is going to give this little dress all kinds of great looks!

Nice little ruching on the beige section, but at the same time you can wrap some color to the front if you want.

How about taking that same wrap and bring it up to the top.

Here is a pictured with the ruched bodice with the straps attached.

One more splash of color I thought with a neat little skirt like this it needed some semi-hidden pockets:

I will be shipping it tomorrow and hope she loves it. I think it is not only classy but unique! There are so many ways she will be able to wear this dress.

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