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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wrapping up Lace 50's Dress & Skirt

I'm at the final stages. The skirt has been hemmed. The waistband needs a hook and eye put in and hand sewn to the inner waist. I don't want visible stiching on the lace then a final press. The flare of this skirt is huge! I used a beautiful Shantung for the underskirt and top and overlayed it with the lace.
The lady I made this for has a small frame. My dressform does not go that small so I have to take pictures of the top on a hanger. I use a velvet ribbon and this time I purchased a rose since it was close in color. Next time I'm going to have to make one since I want it to be in the lovely grey silk fabric below.

I have another order for this that I will be hopefully cutting today. This one is going to without the lace with the most beautiful silk fabric. I got it at http://www.fabric.com/ I love that site! I highly recommend it to all as they have quality fabrics. I'm so glad she decided no lace because the lace would take away from this fabric. After this I will making a 40's dress then I'm making another one of these 50's lace.

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