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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Up and Coming Snow White Costume

I should say beyond Snow White costume.  My customer wants it more like what she sees at Disneyland not so much like the original. I will post them both so you can compare. Stay tuned this will take a while but I will post the end results here.

I have to do three orders before I start this but I wanted to give everyone a sneak preview. This is going to be exquisite. I will be using silk and velvet. I purchased the cape fabric and bodice fabric today. I will be ordering the remainder fabric online at fabric.com As I've said before they have the most beautiful silk fabric around!

Love the Red White & Blue for the 4th of July weekend!
Yellow for the skirt & red for sleeves, headband and I'm lining the cape with it!


  1. How much is this costume?

  2. Hi i was just wondering how you make the white collar, as i'm making my daughter the cape and collar (well trying) this will be my first, and wasn't to sure on what to use for it u have been trying to do some research on Google but haven't found anything really helpful, and also could you tell me what the collar is stuck with and what it is attached to EX... The dress, The cape, thanks very much

  3. The collar is detachable and I used a very stiff crafting interfacing. Use Simplicty 2817. I used the adult version for the cape, collar and skirt, but had to customize the bodice for this order.