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Monday, March 14, 2011

1950's V1172 combined with V2903 Customer Supplied Fabric Woes

Taking a coffee break so I thought I would share my progress of my next dress. I tried to wash the stains out of the fabric provided by customer to no avail. There are also spots of discolorations like it was in the sun too long. Lucky though after I laid everything out I was able to avoid the numerous spots.
My next issue with the dress is that I don't have enough lace fabric. The V1172 godets are HUGE! Instead of creating my own I folded the V1172 to size using the front skirt section as a guide. I think it is still wide enough that there will be full 50's skirt and the end result will look more like the V2903 pattern she provided me that was not made for godets but is an inverted pleated skirt. You can see this post for pictures of the patterns I'm using.
I dropped the curve so I can use the scallop edges of the lace. I love the edge of lace plus it is four less hems for me to do :) 

The dress is cut and now it is time to change my serger thread YUCK! I don't have the right size for the V2903 so I can't cut the bodice detail until I have the bodice assembled. Wouldn't want it not to fit as I don't have much of the lace to make mistakes with. The dress is going to have additional side ties per customer request. The fabric though my camera seems to think it is blue is really purple. This is going to be a truly unique dress as I'm working with her sketch and the patterns. I hope to ship it by the 17th.

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  1. Your progress so fr looks really good and it is very purple on my computer.