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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Disheartened day I can even say disaster of a day

What a day. I have six bridesmaid dresses which I used a droid to match the fabric with at the fabric store and the bride wanted a swatch so she could start buying things to match and just my luck she may not want it! It is a shade lighter. My sister helped me cut all the dresses. These dresses use chiffon so if you have ever worked with chiffon you know the work involved. Live and learn...my advice ALWAYS SEND A SWATCH PRIOR TO CUTTING! I sent a link to fabric.com and requested that a swatch be purchased prior to making a decision. We are talking about 18 yards of fabric and chiffon that can't be returned because it has been cut!

I'm also doing a custom order which I thought would be a simple dress from Vogue 2903. My customer supplied the fabric and pattern.

The dress is to be purple with what she thought was inserts/godets to be pink with purple lace. Well the pattern does not have godets but are inverted pleats. Yes I am going to make it work and you will see the finished results but why can't things like a customer supplied pattern and fabric be simple. I have to modifiy the godets because I don't have enough lace and hope to still have that full 50's skirt. I am going to have to combine another Vogue pattern to get the look she is requesting. This pattern is a six panel dress and just would be too much work to add godets. I'm going to use Vogue 1172 and make my own godets. I will use the pattern supplied for the neckline as she wants it to be the pink and purple lace and also wants it sleeveless. Keep your fingers crossed for me that what I'm envisioning will work.  The bodices are very similar but the godets on this pattern are HUGE and I just don't have enough fabric. Plus the inverted skirt which is the look she wants is not as wide.


  1. :( I'm sorry you had a tough day sweets! Keep your head up. Maybe you could re-sell the fabric on craigslist or a sewing community forum and make a buck or two back? Just a thought! Or maybe make some (a lot) of pillows instead?) Idk.
    Don't worry about the dress and godets. I'm sure you will figure it out. It may be more work, but is there a deadline you have to meet? Can you afford to take your time and work with the dress a little? Time and patience produce the best final finishes! ;) But you already know that! Ha ha, don't stress!

  2. I have the pattern of that dress, hoping to sew it for this summer......

  3. I already cut the dresses Racheal. I'm going to recut the dresses in a shade darker, then make one in the lighter blue and hope that I get sizes 6-12 wanted blue lol

    Thanks for the comments I feel lots better and will get through it :)

    Be sure to post your dress Lizzy I would love to see it.

  4. How awful--all that cutting, and chiffon! I'm glad you're feeling better about it now :)

  5. Thanks so much for all your support guys. I appreciate it. My sister agreed to help me again. Don't know what I do without her!