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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cuts and adjustments

First the blue bridesmaid dress. I cut and hemmed it today. The only thing left to do is some hand sewing to the bodice! It sure makes a difference being shorter way cute.
Five more to go!

I also did some work on the Grace Kelly dress. I added sleeves (they are not hemmed), deepened the bodice back and attached the skirts to the bodice and lining. I will hopefully wrap it up tomorrow as you can see it is still pinned. My sister is going to try to do some beading for the wheat looking detail of the original dress.  
I'm having a bit of a war with static electricity. Both these dresses are full of them.  The chiffon and tulle are just clinging to the skirts! I used a fabric softener to ease it. I will toss them in the dryer after they are complete to loosen them up a bit. Anyone know of any other tricks to get rid of some static?

For the bridesmaid that the fabric was discontinued she choose this fabric instead. I feel bad because my local quilt shop was working so hard to get it for me. I just don't have to time for "what ifs" right now.
It is called Spice of Life and available at fabric.com. I personally like this one better than the first selection. She wasn't upset. I was so afraid she would be!

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