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Friday, March 11, 2011

Red dress completed

Ok I may just rethink using chiffon for a petticoat. Very pretty and feminine but OMG what a horrid time gathering eight 58" strips. I used extra because of how lightweight chiffon is. For the dress I used a deep red shantung. My sister will hopefully take some better pictures for me.

This dress is the same as the polka dot one, but this time I didn't use the New Look 6002. The New Look patterns is an empire waist but it had the the pleats in the front like I wanted for the dress so I just lengthened the bodice. While browsing patterns I found a Simplicity pattern that I probably would never of considered. It is a Project Runway one. I highly recommend it. If I used the pattern as it was intended it has some flattering lines in the bodice and the skirt. I only used the bodice for it. I used the excess for the darts and made the pleats instead. I had to also cut off a lot of the neckline but other than that it worked really well for the dress. I used the other New Look for the sash and just ripped the chiffon to size instead of using a pattern. I will get my sis to do a picture of it under the dress as it is REALLY full.

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