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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Day of the Fabric the Day with no Coffee Pot

I wake up at 4:30 to basically down a cup of coffee, put some shoes on and get my BF to work. Instead I get time to get up to find the coffee pot is broke. The burner not getting hot. On the way home I find a Human Bean that is open. Yeah at least I got a cup of coffee.

My fabric was supposed to be in and of course it wasn't! I literally cried! Yes in the store like a little baby. I called another shop and they had 4 yards of the blue chiffon. I hope it is going to be enough. I'm running out of stores and time! Game plan is I'm going to cut the four skirts that need to be cut and the six bodices tomorrow then I will know. Joanne's is so SLOW in shipping I didn't want to order it online. I will if I have to.

Butterick was on sale and I got their new releases! Love them. The first store only had one in my size and the second had the other so I'm all kinds of pattern hoarding happy!
I also got some formal black satin for a full 50's circle skirt that my customer is going to sew Monarch Butterflies on. She ordered a petticoat to go with it. I got my white bridal satin and also thought the Grace Kelly Dress should have the organza stole so I picked up some of that too.

So I now should have enough for the skirt and petticoat, the dress for V2902 and bolero, the black bolero for the green dress (I have the green on hand) and I pray enough for the six blue dresses.

I have another order for the PS I Love You Dress. I thought I would have enough left over fabric but did not. I ordered it today. She don't care when she gets it but I want to keep to my schedule and want her to have her dream dress ASAP. I had another order for this dress in Feb. I couldn't post it because it was a surprise. The lady and her husband watched the movie and she went on and on about the dress. He went out of his way to find it for her! I thought wow and honestly I was a bit jealous because a certain someone here wouldn't of done that for me! It was sweet though!

The bad, stress and turmoil of the day ended with a wonderful dinner with my mom and sister. All of the above, the not sure if I have enough fabric doesn't matter...I have my family and that does. Everything else will work out. Thanks mom and sis!


  1. Thank you! You deserved the dinner and the rest, you work so hard! It was great company and a wonderful dinner. Good luck tomorrow when it is back to work time. LYL

  2. LYL you too. Thanks so much. I'd be a mess without you guys!