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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What pattern was I planning on using?

Usually prior to saying I am able to recreate a dress I have numerous patterns in mind that I will use. I'm trying to organize my orders a bit and was a bit dumbfounded about which one I had in mind for the Audrey Hepburn Funny Face gown. So as I'm frantically digging through my numerous boxes of boxes trying to remember my game plan....I decide it isn't a mix match pattern it has to be a vintage one. I go to my vintage box and walla the perfect pattern Simplicity 1153. I'm one lucky girl to have this in my collection. I will only have to grade it to fit :)
On a bad note about organization. I rely heavily on my online schedule. Well it would be a wonderful tool if I remember to put everyone in. I missed a order that should be done this month. I've had so many Vogue requests that I must of mixed them up. So I will be doing this Vogue pattern in a white bridal satin. I think this will be my first white bridal gown. The pattern does not seem to be complexed. I will do my best is all I can say. Oh and sis...gonna need your cutting skills!
I'm going to be doing a bolero and a white and red petticoat to go with the dress. I think that will be fun. I tried to talk her into a reversible bolero with one side red and the other white, but she was afraid to give her grandma a heart attack. Too cute!

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