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Monday, March 28, 2011

Always a Bridesmaid....

Almost done with one. The scary part cutting the skirt for the hem. Right now this dress is at 26" the measurements provided say 20" that is a lot to cut, but about average for above the knee which this dress is supposed to be.

I look at this and think it would go really well with this cute little vintage pink dress from The Vintage Studio. Check out her shop she has lots more beautiful dresses. Maybe some day I will get time to doing something like combining these two. Anyone want a custom order? Until then I will put it in my dream dresses to make folder.
Having some bad times with fabric. The last of the blue for the dress pictured here was shipped today. I have a order for 5 other bridesmaid dresses and have been frantically trying to find a supplier for it. I sent swatches from fabric.com but they discontinued it. I tried to contact manufacturer Timeless Treasures directly but they haven't returned my calls or e-mails. Hopefully my local quilt shop will have better luck. It is Kerri Stretch Sateen Strokes Rust Brown. If anyone can help me please contact me! I need 10 yards but will buy the whole bolt! Here is a picture of it:

This is one reason I hate buying my fabrics online. By the time I get swatches together mailed out and approved the fabric is no longer available or they are out and not going to buy more. I have to spend so much time tracking it down or having to order way more than I need just to get it. Fabric.com does not do any special orders. Not even for a bolt!

Then the plaid for the PS I Love You Dress. I order it and it won't be in for a couple of weeks. She didn't give me a deadline but c'mon just send me my fabrics already. I have enough but it is strange because the inside of the fabric is different. One is white the other more red. It is a flannel fabric that may help you picture what I mean. I guess I could take a picture but I'm kind of lazy. Because it is a wrap dress and not lined I just can't mix and match the fabrics even if the right sides are exact. Sorry it is going to be a little longer for your dress now.

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