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Monday, March 7, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's Dress

For those who didn't guess it my latest order it was a reproduction of Breakfast at Tiffany's long black gown. One of my favorite movies. I actually have a pattern for this dress and the shorter version. It was a costume pattern and it amazed me how nicely it finished for a costume pattern. Of course I changed some things that shouldn't of been changed and some that should of.
Look at my cheesy pearls lol!

I did not want the side zipper but after I assembled it with the back flange a back zipper did not work well. I could of used hook and eyes to attach it but that would of been tacky so I took it apart and went with as the pattern suggested a side zipper. The other thing it called for was a facing that would be slip stitched to the lining. UGLY! So I used the facings but put them in between the bodice and the bodice lining. Problem was that you could see the outline of it. I think even if I slip stitched it I would have had the same issue. I cut it out completely and when I make it again I skip the entire step.

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