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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The seam ripper was my best friend

I'm exhausted. I've been having to drive my BF to work all week yesterday he had to be there by 4 am. Today he had to be there by 5 am. I'm a morning person just not that early! It seems like I'm moving in slow motion. Today my blue fabric should be in fingers crossed until then I'm continuing to work on the Rear Window Dress. My original plan was to use V1094 for the skirt. Speaking of Vogue check out this new one. Can't wait to get it V8729.
I've seen some posts about Using V1094 for the Funny Face Wedding Gown and want to offer a suggestion of a better modern pattern for it that would be a good combination with the V1094. It means less modification to the bodice or you can just be happy with the "close enough look". V8020 for the top and V1094 for the skirt. Both have the drop waist, but looking at the pictures I think the V1094 has a fuller skirt. 
Ok back to the Rear Window Dress. I was going to use V1094 for the skirt but I gave my customer a great deal because I had white taffeta in stock. I was short about a yard for the skirt so I had to come up with another game plan. I had a bolt of white tulle on hand so I wasn't worried about the overlay. I ended up using a Simplicity pattern. Maybe you can do a search and try to figure out which one. It is an easy answer. I mix and match all the time but usually from the same manufacturers or Vintage ones. The Simplicity compared to the Vogue was a lot larger. I cut a 20 for both and had to take in the skirt over a inch. Worked out great because I used French seams and that takes out a lot of seam allowances.
Now the seam ripper fun. I don't know if I'm just so overly tired or if it is just rushing but I kept stitching simple things wrong. The skirt took a bit longer to size it up. I was afraid to cut since I did not have extra fabric. I would stitch some fold it to see if it would line up with the bodice. Take out the stitches. Finally after three or maybe four the seams were perfect. Of course I didn't measure as I was doing this so I had to to the same with the lining of the skirt. I did French seams on the tulle. That was a breeze didn't even have to iron it flat was able to get a nice flat seam without that step. It looks so much nicer than just trimming it.

I then gathered the five sections once upside down. (seam ripper) One section at a time because it is easier for me to deal with when attaching to the skirt. I always have that luck about the thread breaking when adjusting gathers. I have it all pinned beautifully. This should of been wrong side of overlay to right side of skirt. I start sewing and see my seams from the skirt. Again my best friend the seam ripper stops by to say hello.

At this point I'm almost in tears. At least I wasn't that far into sewing it. I had to take out all the pins and start all over. It is done now so I move on to the bodice. I haven't sewn it but it will be easy to deepen the back. Here it is pinned to how low I'm going with it. I want to be sure a bra can be worn with it but at the same time show some skin.
Today's goal is to go to the fabric store for my blue fabric and take apart the sleeve section of this bodice and add the sleeves and adjust the back. Maybe if my seam ripper finds a new friend I can attach the skirts to the bodice so we can see how it is really going to look. I can't wait to put it under a petticoat! Boy that was a lot of rambling.


  1. Girl!!! I am such a HUGE fan of your clothes! I just filed my taxes and I hope they come in time so I can get you to a dress for my friends wedding in November.

    I am a big fan of Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's and I would love a copy of that dress but I am build with an hour glass shape (size 12) do you think that would work for me? I probably need to stick with something more A-lined huh?

    Again love your stuff and I hope to purchase something soon!!

  2. Hi TheeRedHead. Thanks so much. The Breakfast at Tiffany's dress main focal point is the back. I would not be hard at all to do long a line dress and modified the back. She actually wore two different ones. One had a slit the other did not.

    I don't get much into best shapes because what matters is how you feel in the outfit. So unless you feel totally uncomfortable it a long straight gown I would say go for it!