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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pulling my hair out end of the month stress

This dress took me a week! Issue after issue. I worked so hard on the godets look at the ugly mess! I worked from the bottom up and it just went off to the side. I wanted to be able to use the scallop edge for the godets but the dress ended up being way to long to I had to cut it to size. The sketch is where I had to work from.
Using both of the Vogue patterns wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. I had to do some modifications on the neckline as the way it was cut directly from the pattern did not fit correctly to the other pattern. She has her pink with lace trim though. The ties were only an issue because I would of liked them a bit longer but with the stains in the fabric I did what I could. This fabric was almost like a t-shirt fabric. It wasn't that bad to work with but the dress weighed 2 pounds when it was done and it was a pain to iron.
By losing the bottom curve of the godets I was able to get the inverted look like V2903. It just took a long time to get there. Everything I touched on this dress had to be done two times or more. I even sewed the front of the skirt sections as back section and had to take it with the godets all apart and redo it. Let's just say I hate this dress and was happy to ship it off!
The above dress and the fabric goof of the bridesmaid dresses have put me behind schedule. I'm stressing so bad. My sister has been coming over and helping me cut. She has taught me some stuff too. I have always cut one piece at a time. For the Grace Kelly Dress I have 5 pieces for the overlay. I would cut them one at a time on the fold. My sis showed me an easier and quicker way. Below is my bolt (so much easier to work with a bolt). I measured the pattern and folded it back in forth until I had a total of five. I then pinned the pattern and cut. One pin, one cut 5 pieces! Love it!!!
This Dress is cut and ready to be sewn! I will be giving all the details as it is being assembled. I'm mixing a Vogue and Simplicity pattern for this. I hope it works!
The little trick my sis taught me doesn't work so well with lighter fabrics such as chiffon. I doubled it only. The fabric just slips too much and that makes for uneven ugly cuts. Here is a pile of blue. The top blue was the wrong color. Because I've already spent a lot of money on the wrong color I did not want to over buy the new color. Of course I was short. I go back to the fabric store just to find they are completly out. I think I have enough satin to cut the bodices today. I know I don't have the chiffon. My sis is coming to help cut again and hopefully when they restock on Friday my fabric will be in. Love living on the edge.
I would like to ship the six dresses and the Grace Kelly one this month. We will see how it goes.


  1. Yeah and I have so many to go still. So little time.