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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gowns and Petticoats

The Grace Kelly is completed. I'm shipping it on Monday. Sorry everyone that is waiting to see the finished product...it will have to wait until my customer sees it first. I am also going to be shipping a wedding gown made from V2902. I will post pictures at a later date. The bride will be the first to see it. I still need to make a bolero and hem the skirts.
If I was to make this dress over I would do a couple of things different. There is a contrast piece that is supposed to be hand stitched to the outside of the bodice. Talk about a ugly finish! I left the bottom open, but still had to hand stitch it to the outside and the inside of the gown. Lucky I used a bridal satin so it was stiff. There is a lot of weight to the skirt I would recommend if you use a lighter fabric to use interfacing to the contrast of the neckline to stabilize it. I would actually recommend cutting the bodice as directed then taking the two pieces of contrast and cut the bodice around so it can be machined stitched. I could of topped stitched it but that would be tacky. I just used tiny little stitches. Took me a couple of hours to do but it sure beat sewing it only to the front.

Petticoats are pain to make. Some are easier than others. Because of the weight of some of the skirts I've been really trying to rethink how I make them. Here are two that I've just completed. The black and white one is basic but there is still a lot of gathering involved and lets face it netting isn't that fun to work with. I'm improving on my tier petticoats. It may look pink but it is actually two layers of white (4 yards per layer), and in between the white is red. It turned out real cute and works really well with the dress it was made for! Two sections for the top, four for the middle and 8 for the bottom. Times that by 3 that is a lot of sewing and gathering!
Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish the V2902, the bolero and I also want to whip out a full circle skirt and petticoat. OH NO not another petticoat! I doubt I will get done with all that, but I'm going to give it a shot. Then Monday I'm back to blue dresses. I have all the fabric in now.

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