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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 10 time is ticking

Here is my color palette. I have the dress cut ready to be sewn tomorrow. I have to do a petticoat with this and not sure if the 4 yards of each color is going to enough. It is tulle not netting. Sometimes I don't think.

I ordered more almost a week ago but because fabric.com had some weird cut of one of my items it delayed my shipping :( They have been bad about this lately and refunds too. It has been over a month and I have not been refunded for a cancelled order and a out of stock item. Now there are three! I've e-mailed and called! Get it together fabric.com! Sorry I'm stressing here! As all that read my blog know they are my primary source of fabric and they are bringing me down in my time of need.

I've been dying to use this fabric. It is from fabric.com and it is call Radiance Cotton/Silk Poplin Violet 55% cotton 45% silk. Gorgeous! $15.98 a yard gorgeous! I also purchased the matching tulle there. The fun stuff I found at Joanne's.
I also got the honor of babysitting Sahara. Such a little doll! Look at that little tum tum!
I have a feeling day 9 is going to be a good day...the count down continues!

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