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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Black Satin Circle Skirt

My customer wanted a dressy circle skirt from my vintage pattern. She request two pockets instead of one that the pattern calls for, to have big waistband and also to shorten it to about 25".  She is going to sew Monarch Butterflies on it. I hope she sends me some pictures with the butterflies on it.
I love this pattern. If you can get a hold of it or something similar I highly recommend it. The shape is perfect. The only thing I will sometimes do different aside from customer requests is the pattern calls for four pieces for the skirt itself. Two fronts and two backs. I don't like the center seam on some fabrics so I will lay the front on a fold. I noticed a lot of vintage patterns have center seams or the other thing I don't like is the slit for the zippers! What were they thinking back then?


  1. I've always assumed the prevalence of center seams in vintage patterns was because fabric yardage was frequently a lot narrower back in the day. When's the last time you saw a modern pattern that gives yardages for 35" (or whatever) fabric? With widths that narrow it's impossible to cut say a circle skirt, or even a moderately full one, on the fold. I think 50"+ widths were a lot more rare when these patterns were first published, and it's trivial for the seamstress to remove the center seam anyway if the fabric was wide enough.

  2. Thanks Erica. That does seem logical. I didn't even take that in to consideration. I don't think I've ever seen fabric with 35" unless it was vintage of course.