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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 8, 7, 6, 5 & 4

Wow how the days seem to fly by. I'm not going to make it. I will be two dresses short this month. The dress I thought would end up not working turned out okay. I haven't heard anything so I will assume it was all good. The bow and flower are pendants so she can decide what look she prefers. I like the bow!
 I wasn't sure what to do for the back. I knew a zipper would be a pain with organza so I did a key hole and topped it off with a vintage button. I think Sahara approved.
I always say I want to hear from my customers, but sometimes it is better not too. I received a call about this purple dress and the straps are too long for her. I messed up the sash should of been green. She didn't like the bows :( I liked them. She doesn't like the look of the dress being at the natural waistline. I don't think I can fix that. .
 She wasn't happy with the petticoat and I tried to make it so fun! She is sending it back. I really hate disappointing my customers! I feel so horrible
 Does anyone recognize the pattern I used for this little dress? I have three to make. This one is almost done, another is almost done so one more to go. I will be shipping these out by April 30th! I have another of this same dress and the green dress with bolero. I won't be ruining any weddings with those not meeting my goals. The green dress she needs by the end of May...Oh May stay tuned. I thought April was bad!
 Three days left...maybe I will suprise myself and get one extra one done!


  1. That is sad she didn't like the dress, I really like the little bows and the petticoat is really sweet (is anyone really going to see that anyway.) I'm not sure it would work with a green sash but maybe it just depends on the shade.

  2. I am so sorry about the purple dress. I know what you mean about wanting to please your customers. I think it is an attractive dress. It just comes down to personal preference really. Did she want it longer in the waist or shorter?

    I have been following your blog for awhile now and I love watching your insspired sewing projects and I admire how you fearlessly write about it all- the good and the bad.

    Keep on sewing. Every effort is a success -either now or in the future from the knowlege gained.

  3. Thanks for your comments...they keep me going.

    The petticoat was not full enough she wants more tulle. What a pain in the *ss that is going to be.

    After she tried it on she was hoping I could do a lower waist. I only have a small amount to play with because I use a serger. I will try to take out the stitches from the midriff section but I doubt it will lower it enough to be worth effort.