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Friday, April 15, 2011

Pug Alert! My sister's new puppy!

Yes I'm going to torment you with pictures! My sister got a puppy for her birthday. Her name is Sahara. So freaking cute! She is 9 weeks old! I want a little puppy. I have labs and the bigger they are the cuter they ain't. Just kidding love my dogs and also Pepper and Morpheus. Pepper is the boxer in one of the pictures below. Yeah I got her the statue...my mom and one of my brothers got her the real thing.
It's sleepy time
 Still sleeping. Oh oh Pepper will take care of that!
 Some play time. Sure glad that isn't my hair!
Ok enough pictures already...No really enough!


  1. She is full of personality too. I hope I get to babysit her every Friday. That is shopping day for my sis!

  2. ahhh!!! She is so freaking cute!!! I want another pug so bad but my apartment is small enough as it is! They are little terrors lol but so much fun, and they are such loyal, loving little dogs :)

  3. My sister wants me to get a boy so we can puppies. I don't think my labs would approve and my dog Sadie would be so jealous. She is like your little Oliver right at my side at all times.