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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bomb Shell Shocked

Anyone who follows this blog knows I love vintage clothing! This shop from Etsy BombShellShocked has got it all! First I have to comment on reserve listing thumbnail. How fun and unique is this?
Now some of my favorites from her shop. I LOVE LOVE these pants and this 80's dress. I'm always telling everyone to look at the 80's especially patterns for a 1950's vibe or to just use some of the skirts. My last petticoat the two tier one came from a 1980's skirt pattern. Check out the dress. What a circle skirt it has on it.

Just in time for Spring a 1950's dress. So beautiful! How about a authentic 1940's WWII factory worker uniform. She also has a great selection of vintage patterns which we all know we can never have enough of!

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