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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Aaron a very special project

This was an Alchemy request:

My infant son just had a g-tube placed and I'm looking for some clothing that will accommodate his tube. I would really like to have him in some cute and cozy clothes rather than the icky institutional garb he is in right now :( There would need to be an access panel (maybe a Velcro or snap pocket) just to the left of the belly area.

Here is little Aaron. If you want to read more about his family and how he is doing you can go here.

His story broke my heart. Myself, sister and mom will be making some outfits for him. I have completed one and  I will also be attempting to place a hole in some pj's that were purchased for him. I'm going to use a patch to cover the hole and reinforce it with some hand stitching prior to ironing it on.

Here is the first outfit:
If any of you seamstresses are up for it I'm sure he could use more clothes made to fit his special needs. Here are his little measurements:

torso to shoulder- 9in
shoulder to tube- 7.5in
shoulder to toe- 21in

If you are going to place a hole it should be the size of a quarter.  A little flap may work too. 


  1. Oh! I would like to sew something for him, even if I have never done anything for a baby, I have a patter for baby clothes, I live in mexico but it doesn't mattter, just I need to figure out how to sew baby clothes.