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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Etsy shop is making me so mad

I don't know why  Viola Vintage  keeps listing the same items! She did it first with my Marilyn Monroe dress now the Keira Knightly wedding dress.

She has fabulous stuff so why take from someone else? This is the reason why I can't blog or go on pattern reviews and share how I create things. If I do then this shop uses the information and sells the same items. I've even been watermarking my photos because of it! I guess I missed a couple. Those are easy to google though.


  1. That's too bad, I mean, of course there are many people who likes the same dresses BUT is not correct she do that because is doing mmmm I don't know the term in english, but is not being loyal.
    Have you ever tryed to send her a message?

  2. I'm not the only shop she does it to. I think of Etsy as a close community and would never list an item with the same pictures. Obviously when you are dealing with vintage inspired clothing there are going to be similarities, but to blatantly list the same item with the same pictures. The Keira dress bugs me the most because it is so different than what her shop sells so I know it isn't just having similar items.

    I told my sister I should take all her pictures and post them on my shop but she said not to stoop to her level. It sounded good, but I will listen to my sis's advice.

  3. I haven't bothered sending her a message because I figured if she is doing something like this she really wouldn't care anyways.

  4. Maybe you could contact the people at Etsy and explain your situation.... they might do something about the other store behaving so badly.

  5. It could be that the other fabulous stuff in her store isn't her own either. Best not to give people with no scruples more credit than they deserve. Good luck friend!

  6. Thanks for your comments all. I feel better to at least to be able vent about it. I could go to Etsy or flag the items but really I'm not that type of person nor do I think Etsy would do much unless she was using a picture I actually owned.

    More power to her I guess and I will let karma take its course.

  7. That's really funny (not funny-funny) because your two shops are the ones I've been back and forth between all night trying to decide which dress(es) to go with for my wedding. I think I like yours better, but hers are just a little less expensive. I'm sure like will outweigh cost for something like this :)