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Monday, November 8, 2010

Next reproduce 50's faux fur collar dress

I absolutely love this dress! The lines of the dress, the faux fur the simple elegance of it. Here is the inspiration photos:
The lady who purchased it actually had a picture of the back. It has a cute bow and that means I get to use this pattern for at least the bow. I will have to modify it to make it work for this dress though just make it longer. Thanks again Chrissy for selling me the pattern I missed out on!
I am scheduled to ship this on November 10th. I have it cut and started sewing the skirt. I have not pressed it yet so you everyone can see the details of the lines (darts) going down the skirt. I should be able to assemble the dress tonight then work on the collar and if you read my blog you know how I am with collars :) Figure out how I want to place the bow and it hopefully will look as remarkable as the original! I have to do the bow and collar last so I can measure against the dress.


  1. Hi Eleen! I see now you wrote with big letters on the photos, tha's a good idea! the dress is beautiful, girl, you sew very fast!!! by the way thanks for telling me you can buy the vogue patterns at that price, I'll check that and then email you to see how I send the $$$

  2. Just go to Joanne's website and look at their sale flyer search for patterns and then you will know when they are on sale. When you e-mail me I will give you my zip code so you can go to the right flyer.