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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shrug and Top

I still have one more style to go but here is my shrug and top. My customer wanted this really cute pin stripe fabric that I found at fabric.com When  I received it I was a bit disappointed that it was kind of thin. If you pressed your hands on it you could somewhat see your skin. Imagine that on your body! Well I couldn't let the cute fabric go to waste so my customer is getting two looks for the price of one. I made both the top and shrug reversible. One side is the pin stripe the other a solid black. I will be posting another version hopefully tomorrow.
The sleeves are supposed to be long and should end in the middle of her hands. It should of had a thumb spot but I couldn't do it and still have it reversible. It is a sharp versatile top.

I got to use my Singer Machine for this because my simple brother machine isn't set up for a twin needle. I guess I could use the bobbin knob but it was easier to use the Singer. Does that make me a trader? I love them both and need to call my Aunt to thank her again for the machine.

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