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Monday, November 22, 2010

A little splurge on myself

I just had to splurge a little....before Christmas and in our family the rule is no buying for yourself. I guess that is to assure you don't buy something that someone else may buy for you for Christmas. So I got myself this great little Marilyn Monroe top you can check out the shop here I really wanted a Kurt Cobain one that was in her sold items but was denied! I also got this unique little top from marcellamoda. I even when outside my box, instead of black I went for blue! Kind of proud of myself there. I bought a tank from her shop earlier this year and let me tell you I wore it all summer. LOVED IT! I highly recommend her shop. Well here are my purchases.
Oh crap just looked at the shop where I got the Monroe shirt and she's got another listing that I WANT...OH Yeah Johnny Depp. For my family MINE and I mean both of them! Here is the Kurt shirt I was denied and the new Johnny Depp shirt. I haven't received my shirt but I will update you if the shop is worth buying from. They have 100% feedback so I'm not too worried.

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  1. FYI LOVE LOVE THE Monroe Shirt. Feel free to buy from the shop!

    I also got my blue top. Very cute. Was a bit big but I think I dropped a little. Fabric is nice to skin but THO's show so time for a strapless :)