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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Green dress continued

I finished one and just have three more to go. The first two will be the cap sleeves and then I have to make a strapless version and hopefully I will be able to pull off attaching the bolero to the dress. We'll see!
I shipped the first one yesterday. I love how it turned out but as I'm working on the second one I came up with a cleaner edge for the bodice. Here is the the one that shipped. The one next to it pinned is the one I'm hoping to get done by tomorrow. For her version I'm trying a very soft cording which I created my own piping with on the top of the ruched section of the bodice. I think it looks better and plus I'm going to have to have something similar or maybe boning for the strapless. I think the piping will work for the strapless I would just have it go all the way around the bodice.

Here is a swatch of the actual color of the dress because I suck with a camera!
Well it's been a couple of hours since I posted! The bodice turned our incredible! I love the piping effect. I'm going to try to assemble the rest of the dress tonight. I haven't cut the skirt, or the skirt lining yet. Then in the morning I will put in the zipper, hem and create a bow. I'm sure I will finish the dress by tomorrow but I still have to do the bolero. I would like to be a day early than I scheduled it to ship. When this is complete it will Barbie time!

I will post more pictures after my customers receive their dresses first. Wouldn't want to spoil the WOW factor when they open the box...or wait it could be ewww too! I will hope for the first but you never know :)


  1. Ahhh, I'm so excited to get mine!! :D

  2. I have two rush orders to do then I will be starting on yours!

  3. This is a direct copy of a pinup girl dress, and others on your shop are just copies of other dresses. Original ideas are great sellers copies are never as impressive as the original creation.